Eye training

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Are you looking for an alternative to eyeglass or contact lenses that need to be stronger and stronger? Discover a playful way to improve your visual abilities and to see clearer. More..



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Want to be mindful of your health and nutrition? Life offers alternatives in every situation. More...


...for your translation needs English - German and German - English


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Is having a direct contact to the person translating your texts from English to German or vice versa important to you? Then why not benefit from my longstanding experience as freelance translator in many business, tourism, legal and technical fields - now with a focus on sustainable alternatives. More...

By the way: dandelion...

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is a textbook exampe of a smart alternative: containing 3 times as much vitamin C as well as 40 times as much vitamin A as salad from the supermarket and 3 times as much iron as spinach, it is an absolute power food. It also draws problematic substances from the soil and is a rich food source for bees and birds. These are just a few of its myriads of assets.