Nationality: Swiss

Gabriella Speich - Freelance Translator

Apart from the fairly obvious requirement - i.e. having an excellent knowledge of the languages - it is paramount to have a direct line to the person translating your texts to ensure you will get a professional high-quality translation. The continuous exchange between me and you guarantees that we will achieve an optimal result together.

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Longstanding experience in the specialist fields:

With a focus on the field of sustainable alternatives for all aspects of life!

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Language combinations

English - German, German - English, Italian - German

Open Info Professional BG
Adaptations German Germany to German Switzerland

Adaptations German Germany to German Switzerland on request

Proofreading on request

6 steps to get a professional translation

  1. Send me the texts you need to have translated in an editable format - preferably Word - to receive a non-binding quote -> to the contact form
  2. Let me know your wishes regarding target languge, target group, specialist terminology, delivery date, proofreading according to the 4-eyes principle etc.
  3. Send me any reference material you may have such as images, previous translations, glossaries etc. Naturally, I will treat all material received from you confidential, also if you decide not to have the translation done by me.
  4. You will then receive a non-binding offer. If this is to your liking please confirm your translation order by email.
  5. As soon as I receive your message I shall start working. We will get the best result if I can reach you during the time I work on your translation to clarify any questions I may have.
  6. You will get your translation right on time on the agreed delivery date.

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